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UCDS Pro for F-ord UCDS Pro+ V1.27.001 Full Functions with 35 Tokens UCDS Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Cable Full License UCDS

UCDS Pro for F-ord UCDS Pro+ V1.27.001 Full Functions with 35 Tokens UCDS Pro OBD2 Diagnostic Cable Full License UCDS

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Please Disconnect internet when Run software.

Please don't update online, otherwise it will be locked.

MUST Click "No" when message show out to ask you update.



The UCDS consists of drivers of the serial bus USB-serial (recommended drivers FTDI), hardware adapter and the actual UCDS-programm.

The software interface of the UCDS interface has main window's mode. You need to select the type of the vehicle or select the service mode for adapter`s firmware update or other service functions.

New Released Diagnostic Adapter with neweest software V1.27.001 can replace For Focom Vehicle Communicate Module 2, just one difference, UCDS cannot key programming, but UCDS (Universal CAN Diagnostic System) for Focom can support Mileage Correction and it is full function type.

Car maker:
UCDS currently works with the following platforms: For Focus II 2004-2011; For Focus III 2011, 2015 ; For Kuga I, For Kuga II; For C-MAX; For S-MAX; For MONDEO IV; For Mondeo 2015 ; For Galaxy ; For Tansit; For Fiesta 2008, 20015 etc..New Released. For Focom cars from 2004 to 2017 Year.


UCDS full license adapter: full mode activated, access to existing sections of the software, such as: VBF Loader, Update Wizard and Direct Config.With 35 tokens: token only need for mileage programming & ECU chip tuning function (When use up tokens, send back to add token, Need pay extra cost.)UCDS support KM correction. Full Mode Activated.



1. Read the fault code

2. Clear trouble codes

3. Read the data stream

4. Data recording

5. Module reset

6. Module Installation

7. Re-program the ECU TCM BCM and so on

8. Clear the airbag (RCM) collision data

9. Read, backup, edit, and erase AsBuilt files

10. Read, backup, edit, and erase the underlying DirectConfig configuration file

11. Support power to enhance the brush to write, such as Mondeo 2.0T 200HP brush 240HP, 12 Fox 85HP brush 105HP, 150HP brush 163HP

12. Support VBF file directly to write

13. Support BIN file directly to write

14. Support online update vehicle entire module (Update Wizard)

15. Support For Fox MK2, 12 for Fox MK3, winning, S-Max and other models meter mileage clear, brush to write



The dashboard can be displayed from English to Chinese; the new for Mondeo power can be upgraded from low to high; the navigation OPS of Escape can be flashed; the SCT program can be input; the SCT device (token limited) can be replaced.


Supported Vehicles:

For Fox MK2 (2004-2014) C307

New For Focus MK3 (2012-2017) C346

For Wing tiger 15 wing tiger 17 wing tiger

For Mondeo wins S-Max Galay

New For Mondeo 13 (Mondeo5)

For Explorer

For Transit

For Carnival B-Max

For Wing Bo

And other new models


UCDS allows the user to:

– Diagnose the majority of car parts and components that are connected to a central electrical module (GEM, BCMii) through the data bus (CAN);

– Receive data embedded in the car components and modules, including their part number, version, calibration, serial number;

– Make the necessary changes to the central configuration of the car, and change the configuration of the modules and components if necessary;

– Update the calibration (firmware) of the modules and components of the vehicle, including the engine (the so-called chip tuning);

– Perform regular language adaptation of the audio modules manufactured by for SONY (Russian language only);

– Other...


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