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Professinal Motorcycle Two Cylinder Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine OBDEMOTO-2A

Professinal Motorcycle Two Cylinder Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine OBDEMOTO-2A

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Motorcycle Two Cylinder Fuel Injector Cleaning Machine OBDEMOTO-2A
Thank you for purchasing an injector cleaner and tester made by us. Developed through ultrasonic cleaning and fuel pressure
control technology, the device is an advanced electromechanical product that cleans and tests fuel injectors by simulating engine
operating conditions. It also cleans the injectors and fuel supply system on the vehicle.
Ultrasonic Cleaning: Simultaneously cleans and completely removes carbon deposits on several injectors. Uniformity/Spraying Test:
Test the uniformity of the injection quantity of each injector and monitor the spraying status of each injector with the help of
backlight. This test is also used for back washing. Leak test: test the sealing and dripping state of the injector under system
pressure; Fuel injection quantity test: Check that the fuel injection quantity of the injector is within 15 seconds of constant
fuel injection.
Using powerful ultrasonic cleaning technology, the device provides complete cleaning of the injectors. The fuel pressure is
controlled by a microcomputer, which provides stable pressure control and a large adjustable range. With the help of microcomputer
control and digital display, automatic cleaning of the equipment, testing of injectors and real-time monitoring of dynamic values
become possible. Automatic fuel discharge for certain test items through preset programs. After the test, the test
liquid/detergent can also be drained by pressing the operating switch. The user-friendly design can quickly restore the system
pressure to the default value.
Working Environment Temperature: -10~+50℃;
Relative humidity: <85%;
Strength of external magnetic field: <400A/m;
No fire is allowed around.
5 Specification
Main power supply: AC 110~220V±10%, 50/60Hz;
Analog RPM range: 10~9990rpm;
Time range: 1~9999s;
Pulse width: 0~20ms;
Fuel tank capacity: 1300ml;
Ultrasonic power: 28khz/60w;





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