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Original Drive V23.01 6154A Better than VNCI 6154A 5054A Forva9 Group Till 2023 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool CAN FD WIFI/USB Scanner

Original Drive V23.01 6154A Better than VNCI 6154A 5054A Forva9 Group Till 2023 OBD2 Car Diagnostic Tool CAN FD WIFI/USB Scanner

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1.extra two softwares as free gifts :

-Engineering V17.0.1


(U Stick is S V23.01 and E V17.0.1 ,contact me to get gifts SW download links after receiving parcel )

2. 6154A Work with original driver, Don't need to download vxdiag driver manager .

3. 6154A With base station/hotspot mode switching button .

The difference between 6154 1.6.6 and DOIP 6154:

1.Doip 6154A supports the latest version of software, 1.6.6 only supports 6.2.0.

2.Doip 6154A does not need to install VXDIAG driver, but 6154 1.6.6 needs to be installed and cannot be updated (Otherwise it will block)

3.Doip 6154A can support updated models, but 6154 1.6.6 can't.

4.Doip 6154A is 1:1 same with original and can support most original functions.


This new 6154a is the latest full system diagnostic and programming interface, which can read and clear code, dynamic data flow, programming,coding, and personalized settings,including maintenance information systems, technical briefings, circuit diagrams, component drawings, diagnostic guidelines, etc.

Why Choose our new 6154A ?


1. free license untill 2030 year , not like other sellers' provided license version only few montths ! for VA all 9 Brands from 1995 to 2023

3.One installation, one desktop icon for all 9 BRANDS.

4. FULL Multilanguage edition covered 22 languages:

English (GB), English (US), French (FR), German (DE), Spanish (ES), Russian (RU), Greek (GR), Danish (DK), Croatian (HR), Italian (I), Hungarian (HU), Netherlands (NL), Polish (PL), Portugal (PT), Romanian (RO), Slovenian (SLO), Finish (FI), Swedish (SW), Turkish (TR), Czech (CZ), Japanese (JP), Chinese (CN), Korean (KO).

5.Support win7 and win10 system.


– Estimated remaining times are shown for ECU flash operations.

– Diagnostic protocol contains interruptions of GFF sessions, extended measurement values, improved ECU communication view,used diagnostic hardware, connection type of diagnostic hardware, operating system, the hotfix used and submissions of support requests

– The measured value display has been improved.

– Documents in GFF are displayed in separate windows.

– One message box will be shown at the beginning of the test drive mode.

– GFF hotfixes can be integrated during diagnostic sessions.

– Danger messages have been revised.

– Stopping of diagnostic sessions may be interrupted.

– Automatic deletion of autosave diagnostic protocols after successful transmission.

– Selection of PassThru diagnostic hardware has been improved.

– Service Software update has been stabilized.

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