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JLR DoIP ENET WiFi Adapter + JLR Engineering Tool Pro

JLR DoIP ENET WiFi Adapter + JLR Engineering Tool Pro

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Name: JLR DoIP ENET WiFi Adapter + JLR Engineering Tool Pro




JLR DoIP ENET WiFi Adapter + JLR Engineering Tool Pro JET-Pro for JLR MY 2017-2023.


JLR Engineering Tool Pro and JLR ENET WiFi Adapter Package offer a cost-effective solution for Land Rover and Range Rover diagnostic and coding. This combination is user-friendly and eliminates the need for an expensive Pathfinder and JLR DoIP interface.


Additionally, a JLR TOPIx online account is not required for 2023 vehicle models. The package supports diagnostic and coding functions for JLR models from 2017 to 2023, making it a valuable tool for JLR OEM retrofit projects.


JLR ENet WiFi Adapter is an essential hardware vehicle communication interface for Land Rover and Range Rover vehicle maintenance workshops and the JLR owners. The JLR Enet WiFi, which has been dubbed the best Land Rover diagnostic tool, Land Rover OBD2 scanner, and Range Rover OBD2 scanner, is capable of diagnosing a wide variety of Land Rover and Range Rover vehicles, including the Land Rover Discovery 2, making it a versatile device for a variety of maintenance tasks. The JLR ENet WiFi is also equipped to reset the 2001 Land Rover Range Rover P38 OBD2 scanner, making it a critical tool for monitoring your vehicle’s air suspension, particularly for the Range Rover L322.


No matter youare a professional technician or a Do-It-Yourself enthusiast, the JLR ENet WiFiAdapter and JLR Engineering Tool Pro Software will offer you all the information you need to maintain your vehicle. This potent combination of hardware and software makes the JLR ENet WiFi and JLR Engineering Tool Pro an indispensable tool for maintaining a Land Rover or Range Rover.


2 Configurations:


JLR DoIP ENET WiFi Adapter without Software

JLR DoIP ENET WiFi Adapter + JLR Engineering Tool Pro


Hardware Features:


1. Embedded UART-ETH-WIFI module.

2. DC/DC converter for improved power consumption.

3. Additional CPU heat sink for over-temperature protection.

4. 2.4GHz 802.11b/g/n compatibility, default password 12345678.

5. Support for IEEE 802.3 and IEEE 802.3u.

6. Supports WiFi Client/AP/Router Mode.

7. Supports WPS/wds.

8. Baud rate range: 1200~500000bps

9. Supports transparent transmission mode.

10. Multiple security authentication mechanisms supported: WEP64/WEP128/ TKIP/AES WEP/WPA-PSK/WPA2-PSK

11. Wireless roaming supported.

12. Supported Network Protocols: PPPoE/TCP/UDP/DNS/DHCP/DNS/HTTP/Firewire

13. Supports AT+ instruction set.


Software Features:


1. Quick diagnostic by JLR DoIP VCI Lite MY 2017 - 2023.

2. Easy coding process and writing to the vehicle click and play.

3. 130+ auto coding scripts with our online update support.

4. Auto backup CCF files, easy restore it back to factory status.

5. Multiple coding features write to the car with one click.

6. More programming support on JLR full series by remote available from our team.


Why JLR Engineering Tool Pro and JLR ENet WiFi Package?


1. User-friendly software. Easy to use with click and play.

2. Cost saving without buying the expensive PathFinder and JLR DoIP interface.

3. No JLR TOPIx online account required for 2023 vehicle models.

4. Support JLR 2017 - 2023 models diagnostic and coding functions.

5. Best value tool for JLR OEM retrofit jobs.


Packing List:


JLR DoIP ENET WiFi Adapter

JLR Engineering Tool Prowith One Year License for One Computer (optional)



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