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Mangoose PRO MFC v18.00.08 Toyota Car Auto Diagnostic Tool Cable

Mangoose PRO MFC v18.00.08 Toyota Car Auto Diagnostic Tool Cable

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Note:that the software version is constantly being updated.

Mangoose PRO MFC v18.00.08 for new Toyota Lexus detection diagnostic line

Toyota original data diagnosis line is Toyota's latest product, programmable, fault reading, fault clearing, action test, custom function, etc.

It can automatically identify the car model and support Toyota original TIS software for high-speed diagnosis.

It can realize the detection, code reading, code clearing, data flow and other original functions of the electronic control system of all Toyota models.

It is currently the most cost-effective Toyota detection and diagnosis line.

● Windows-based software for Toyota and Lexus vehicles

● Requires VIM to be connected to the vehicle

● "Legacy" module supports all DLC3 (OBDII) interfaces from 1996 to present

● Has all the functions of "ITII" except oscilloscope and voltmeter functions

● User-friendly graphical interface display - a more understandable graphical display, showing all system fault codes on the PC monitor

● Larger storage space than "ITII" to store data and fault codes


Supports English, German, French, Spanish, Italian and Chinese

Laptop configuration parameters:

Operating system: WIN7 WIN8 WIN10

CPU: Intel Pentium M1.2GHZ or higher

RAM: 1GB or more

Disk Space: At least 256MB

Graphics card: 1024*768 (recommended) 1024*600 (minimum)

USB: At least 1 2.0 port


This product GTS OTC is the original factory; the quality and function are consistent with the original factory, the price is favorable, it can support synchronous upgrade, support online programming; support ECU brushing, brushing hidden, etc.; stronger stability! ! !

Compared with IT2, there are many more functions; the detection model is more complete! ! !

Supported models:

Supports all new and old Toyota models up to 19 years old; supports Lexus models

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