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4 in 1 Automotive Antifreeze Refractometer Car Urea Fluid Tester Battery Freezing ATC Detector Handheld Electrolyte Hydrometer

4 in 1 Automotive Antifreeze Refractometer Car Urea Fluid Tester Battery Freezing ATC Detector Handheld Electrolyte Hydrometer

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Multi-functional freezing test
The handheld refractometer is a small precision optical

instrument that measures the concentration and freezing point of the solution.
It is the basic principle that the refractive index of the solution is
measured using the total reflection critical angle, and then the
concentration, freezing point and performance of the measured

solution are determined.

Main Uses: Measurement of freezing point of antifreeze, proportion of electrolytes of leadacid batteries and glass water freezing point The main technical temperature supplement type, with a temperature compensation device to ensure normal measurement at 10 ~ 30 CRange of measurements Minimum Scale Size net weight

Range of measurements

Minimum Scale
Antifreeze Freezing point
:50~0C 1 30*40*160 95g
Battery fluid Specific gravity:1.10~1.40 0.01
Glass water Freezing point :0~40 C 5
Car urea Concentration :
30~35C 0.2%
Size :30*40*160CM

net weight: 95g

Mainly used for

Used to measure the freezing point of ethylene glycol
as base, while measuring the freezing point of ethylene
glycol and measuring the weight of battery solution.
Only a few drops of ethylene glycol on the prism are
required for measurement, and then the freezing point
of ethylene glycol antifreeze can be read by observation.


Field of view
1.Middle ruler:(ETHYLENE)Ethylene glycol antifreeze
freezing point
(PORPYLENE)Propylene glycol antifreeze
freezing point
2.Left ruler:(BATTERY) Specific gravity of battery fluid
1.10-1.20 Charge RECHAGE
1.20-1.25 Enough power FAIR
1.25-1.40 Full battery GOOD
3.Right-side ruler: Freezing point for glass cleaner
4.Upper right ruler: Car urea concentration ruler:
30~35% is the best in 32.5%
Warm tips

The multifunctional freezing point meter can not
measure the freezing point of methanol antifreeze
and methanol glass water.
Product Calibration Steps
Note: Before testing, the tester needs
to be corrected!
Step 1: Take one or two drops of distilled water or
pure water droplets and cover the surface of
the prism.
Step 2: Adjust the correction button until the blue-
white junction line coincides with the 0C
benchmark line

Method of use of products
1, lift the cover plate with a soft velvet cloth to
clean the cover plate and Prism surface.
2, the liquid to be measured with a straw on the
surface of the prism, close the cover plate gently
press, the freezing point tester to the bright place,
rotating the eyepiece to make the field of view
engraved lines clear, read the light and dark
dividing line in the division board The value on
the corresponding ruler can be
 Use caveats
Please read the instructions carefully when
using the instrument

1. When measuring methanol solution, be careful not to spill on the
human body so as not to damage the body after the test carefully
wipe the instrument.
2. After use, it is forbidden to use tap water to wash directly to
avoid entering the optical system.
3. Avoid falling and other strong impact on the instrument or its
large external force     


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