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ELS27 FORScan V2.3.8 OBD2 Scanner PIC24HJ128GP FTDI Mircochip ELS 27 Multi Language ELS27 for Frd/Mzda

ELS27 FORScan V2.3.8 OBD2 Scanner PIC24HJ128GP FTDI Mircochip ELS 27 Multi Language ELS27 for Frd/Mzda

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ELS27 V2.3.8 FORScan OBD2 Scanner PIC24HJ128GP FTDI Mircochip ELS 27 Multi Language

There are two kinds of ELS27 FORScan in this link. the function is the same. 

ELS27 FORScan Highlight  

1. Latest Version: V2.3.8


2. Adapter PCB Board: Green PCB, function stable.


3. Microchip:PIC24HJ128GP+FTDI


4. Compatible Vehicle: for Frd, for Mzda, for Lncoln, for Mrcury


5. Powerful Function: Designed to Works over ELM327&J2534 Pss-Thru


6. Supports PC System: Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/8.1


7. Multi-Language: 





1. Please close anti-virus program when install&run software.

2. Working via USB, do not support wifi or bluetooth.

2. Better Disconnect internet when run software.


What is FORScan?  

FORScan is a software scanner for Frd, forMzda, forLncoln and forMrcury vehicles, designed to work over ELM327 and J2534 Pass-Thru compatible adapters.

FORScan designed especially for Frd, Mzda, Lncoln and Mrcury vehicles. So supports specific features of the manufacturer protocols, making the FORScan more powerful in work with these models than any regular OBD2 scanner.

For example, FORScan can detect modules which are not visible for regular OBD2 scanners, can show you trouble codes which are never displayed by OBD2 scanners, can show you PIDs which are not supported by any OBD2 scanner, run specific tests and service procedures. In other words, FORScan can do things that regular OBD2 scanners can not do.



Detect vehicle on-board network configuration.

Read and reset Diagnostic Trouble Codes from all modules (see list of supported modules).

Reading of modules' sensors' data.

Run test diagnostic procedures (not supported in FORScan Lite yet).

Run service procedures (not supported in FORScan Lite yet).


Supported vehicles  

All for Frd, forMzda vehicles that can be addressed by supported adapters. It is 99% of models after 2000 and around 92% of models after 1996 (the year when OBD2 became a standart in USA).


Supported adapters  


J2534 Pass-Thru

CANtieCAR (in "FORScan" mode)

OBDLink SX/MX (STN11xx)

ELS27 (STN1170)

Supported protocols and bus  


For FRD MS CAN (only for J2534-2, CANtieCAR, OBDLink MX, ELS27 or modified ELM327)


For FRD 9141


Package List   

1 x ELS27 FORScan

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