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DY2201C Automotive Multimeter Engine RPM Voltage Resistance Diode Ignition Dwell Circuit Switching Measurement Ohm Volt Amp

DY2201C Automotive Multimeter Engine RPM Voltage Resistance Diode Ignition Dwell Circuit Switching Measurement Ohm Volt Amp

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Automotive multi-functional meter, the sophisticated design, convenient operation, accurate readings, complete functions, the use of new protective sleeve and large screen liquid crystal display, Jack in the input end is connected with the PTC thermistor element to the instrument core components, function / range switch protection especially for fully

In order to further prevent error operation, on the current measurement Jack adopts mechanical protection device, only in the selection of current measurement, corresponding to the " mA " or " 20A " Jack will be open, otherwise is blocked by the baffle plate, effectively avoid the wrong one, greatly improving the safety of the products and service life.

Main function include:AC/DC voltage current Resistance test; diode PN junction voltage measurement;Circuit switching,transistor test;
Temperature measurement();2 stroke/4 stroke engine speed measurement(Unit: RPM);Frequency measurement(Unit: Hz);Duty ratio measurement(%);Pulse width measurement (unit: ms);Ignition dwell angle measurement

Large LCD display, size in 7048mm,high contrast, 28mm character height,clear and pleasing. LCD with white back light, convenient in dark environment operation.
Maximum display 1999 for 31/2 digit,AC and DC voltage, current, resistance;
19999 for speed, frequency, pulse duration, dwell

Automotive multimeter meet IEC1010-1 safety standards, double insulation overvoltage standard (CATII600V) and pollution grade 2 classification. We provide
ONE YEAR warranty(begin on you get it)

The product is suitable for professional auto detection and repair, engineering design,
testing, production test, is your ideal portable automobile repair and maintenance tools.

DC voltage 20-1000V accuracy: 0.5%
DC current 20mA-20A accuracy: 1.5%
AC voltage 20-700V accuracy: 1.0%
AC current 20mA-20A accuracy: 2.0%
Measuring of motor dwell angle: 0.1 -360 (1/2/3/4/5/6/8 cylinder)
Measuring of motor speed:300RPM-19999RPM2 Stroke
600RPM-19999RPM4 Stroke
Impulse time measurement:0.1mS - 1000 mS
Measuring temperature: -40 -1000
Frequency measurement:2-20kHz.
Maximum display:1999 (31/2 digit,AC and DC voltage, current, resistance)
19999Speed, frequency, pulse duration, Dwell
LCD display size: 7048mm , 28mm character height
Power supply: a 9V battery (NEDA1604, 6F22 or equivalent), battery not include
Working temperature: 0 -40 Relative humidity<80%
Storage temperature: -10 -50 Relative humidity<85%

Package include:
1x Automotive Multimeter
1x Manual (in English only)
1x TP01 K temperature measuring probe (250)
A pair of test lead

Battery not include


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