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AUTOOL HTS708 Dry Ice Cleaning Machine Rust Carbon Deposit Paint Grease Remover

AUTOOL HTS708 Dry Ice Cleaning Machine Rust Carbon Deposit Paint Grease Remover

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AUTOOL HTS708 Dry Ice Cleaning Machine Engine Throttle Carbon Cleaner Crusher Pressure Washer machine 110V/220V

AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice cleaning machine is capable of cleaning various equipment. With this cleaning technique, on the one hand, it can avoid production interruptions due to downtime, and on the other hand, disassembly and damage to the equipment can be reduced, which essentially protects the equipment and increases productivity.

AUTOOL HTS708 Dry Ice Cleaning Machine Features:

1.[Good helper for automotive technician] Dry ice cleaning machine can fully clean the carbon deposits in all parts(such as throttle valve,intake valve,engine component,cylinder combustion chamber,wheel hub and ect.) of the car without disassembling the cleaning parts. This effectively reduces the cleaning time and greatly improves efficiency.

2.[Avoid injury to personnel from hazardous materials] By cleaning with dry ice instead of toxic chemicals, we can prevent harmful substances from adhering to the equipment for a long time, which can affect the overall operation and cause harm to people.

3.[Quickly removes a variety of stubborn dirty deposits] With the dry ice cleaning machine, the adhered dirty deposit can be thoroughly removed, and also has good protection for the equipment, so as to avoid affecting the operation and use of the equipment while being cleaned.

4.[Wide Application Range] AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice cleaning machine are widely used in fields such as rubber, casting, automobiles, ships, electric power, chemicals, printing, plastics, food, pharmaceuticals, and aviation.

5.[Control Panel] AUTOOL HTS708 dry ice cleaning machine buit with Intelligent microcomputer can precisely control the pressure, which can freely adjust the pressure and speed.

Technical parameter:

Power supply: AC 110V/220V ±10% 50Hz

Dry ice capacity: 7.5KG

Compressed air flow: >1~2.03/min

State of dry ice particles: 3mm

Air supply pressure: 0.3~1.0Mpa

Dry ice blasting amount (adjustable): 0~3.2Kg/min

Size: 500mm X 450mm X 800mm

Net weight: 60KG

Gross weight: 75KG

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