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AUTOOL CT60 Fuel Injector Signal Generator Fuel Injector Super Pulse Signal Tester

AUTOOL CT60 Fuel Injector Signal Generator Fuel Injector Super Pulse Signal Tester

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AUTOOL CT60 Fuel Injector Signal Generator Fuel Injector Super Pulse Signal Tester Increase CT150 CT200 Pulse Pressure Tester

AUTOOL CT60 is used to test automobile injectors to determine whether the fuel injectors are stuck, leaking, or burning. It is possible to set multiple pulse outputs and adjust speed, pulse width, operating time and other parameters as required. It is also possible to connect two nozzles for the simultaneous operation to compare the sprayability status and the spray angle of the fuel injector.

AUTOOL CT60 Fuel Injector Signal Generator Features:

①Standard fuel injector type;
②High pressure fuel injector type;
③Wide working frequency and time range;
④LCD display.

1. Standard fuel injection nozzle type: that is, the automobile naturally aspirated fuel injection nozzle, the DC voltage 12V can drive the solenoid valve in the fuel injection nozzle.
2. Types of high-pressure fuel injectors: the turbocharged fuel injectors for automobiles, the instantaneous voltage of 75V can drive the solenoid valve in the fuel injector.
3. Wide operating frequency range: The operating frequency range can reach 600~6000 rpm.
4. Working time range: The working time setting range can reach 0~99 minutes.
5. LCD display: working frequency and time are digitized for more precise adjustment.

Operation Instruction:

1.Turn off the vehicle's engine and remove the fuel injectors from the engine.
2.Connect the pulse output to the power input port on the fuel injector.
3、Connect the positive and negative electrodes clamps to the 110V/220V power.
4.Press RPM "+" "-" key to select the required analog speed. Press "Start" button, then the device starts working.
5.Select the required injector.
6.Put the device into the connection equipment, and then press the carburetor cleaner.
7.Press RPM "+" and "-" keys, the tester will output pulse to the injector, and then the pulse signal indicator will light up. The device will start working.
8.Use self-pressure detergent, you need to select the corresponding connector and connect it well. Press the start button to start spraying, and observe the sprayability status and spray angle with your naked eye.


1、Make sure the car engine must be turned off before using this device.
2、Do NOT smoke or light near the car.
3、Do not spill the car's fuel on hot engine parts.
4、Perform this device in a well-ventilated place only .
5、Do NOT approach any rotating parts of the car, and do NOT touch any heating parts of the car.
6、Do NOT touch any car parts with dangerous voltage logo.
7、Wear qualified goggles.

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