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Auto Parts JF011 RE0F10E Transmission CVT Stepper Motor Nissan Teana 2.0 Altima 2.0

Auto Parts JF011 RE0F10E Transmission CVT Stepper Motor Nissan Teana 2.0 Altima 2.0

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1. Easy to install.
2. Here is how to saved thousands and Repaired with a $27 part:
Drain fluid.
Drop pan (clean with brake cleaner)
Remove the 3 bolts holding filter. (clean with brake cleaner while your at it)
Remove the valve body about 11 bolts
Remove the stepper motor from the top of the valve body (the side you can’t see with the pan off) 2 bolts
Replace with the new stepper motor
Take a piece of dental floss about a foot long and hold the spring loaded arm back against the stepper motor and return the valve body back to the transmission.
After you have a few bolts in place remove the floss before you tighten all the way.
Reconnect trans filter and bolt back into place.
Rejoin the fluid pan to the transmission and replace with quality CVT fluid. Amsoil makes a great product.
I hope this helps and if you have questions please feel free to ask.
3. Compatibility:
Please make sure the interchange part number matches the part you are replacing.
Please check our photos and make sure the part shown looks identical to your stock one.
for Dodge Caliber 2007-2012

Material: Iron
Color: Silver
Size: 90x16mm
Manufacturer Part Number: 203452A 33435J D33439N
Interchange Part Number:33435J


 1: Disassembled parts: this product is disassembled parts for accidents all over the world. As for the quality, we haven't done any testing or  maintenance

If we need to b to test the product, we suggest to buy reengineering products and new products.

2: Remanufacturing: after factory professiona equipment testing, loading and testing products, if computer type

products require you to provide your own box number,easy for your model program.

3: brand new: original factory production

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