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AR10 Colorimeter Digital Precise LAB Color Meter Color Measuring Instrument 8mm

AR10 Colorimeter Digital Precise LAB Color Meter Color Measuring Instrument 8mm

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Brief introduction of colorimeter AR-10

The colorimeter AR-10 is an economical colorimeter with independent property rights, which can be quickly measured without connecting to a computer. It has the advantages of accurate data, simple operation, and convenient carrying. The low-power design 3200mAh large-capacity lithium battery ensures that the instrument can be moved for a long time Measurement, as an accurate measurement tool for color difference value Delta E, is an affordable choice for users.

Application of colorimeter AR-10

The chromatic aberration meter AR-10 adopts an 8mm universal measuring caliber and is widely used in plastics, electronics, paint, ink, textile and garment printing and dyeing, printing paper products, automobiles, medical treatment, cosmetics and food industries. SCI supports a variety of sample measurement, accurate data, easy to use, and is a practical tool for color testing in production and quality control.

Technical advantages of chromatic aberrometer AR-10:

1. Smaller short-term repeatability accuracy: DelataE0.03

2. 3200mAh large-capacity lithium battery can meet the needs of large-scale measurement

3. Ergonomic design

The chromatic aberration meter AR-10 has a beautiful, smooth appearance and a comfortable grip, and a structural design that conforms to human mechanics. It fits the palm of the hand and is suitable for continuous inspection work, allowing you to use it quickly and easily.

4. The cross is accurately positioned and can quickly align to the measured part

5. ETC real-time calibration technology

The chromatic aberrometer AR-10 product also uses the innovative ETC real-time calibration technology (Every Test Calibration), a standard white board is built in the optical system, and it has reliable accuracy and repeatability in each test.

AR-10 color and colorimeter product technical specifications
Product model AR-10
Illumination mode 8/d (8 illumination, diffuse reflection reception); in line with standard CIE No.15, GB/T 3978
Lighting source LED light source
Sensor Silicon photodiode
Measuring caliber 8mm platform measuring caliber
Color space CIE LAB
Color difference formula Delata E*ab
Other chromaticity index /
Observer angle CIE 10 standard observer
Observation light source D65
Display chromaticity value, color difference value/graph, pass/fail result, color deviation
Measuring time 1.5s
Repeatability 8mm/Delata E*ab within 0.08 (after the instrument is warmed up and corrected, the average value of 30 measurements on the whiteboard at an interval of 5s)
Difference between sets Delta E*ab within 0.4 (measured average value of 12 color plates of BCRA series )
Size 205X67X80mm
Weight 400g
Positioning method Cross platform positioning
Battery level: Rechargeable Li-ion battery 3.7V @ 3200mAh
Illumination light source life 5 years greater than 1.6 million measurements
Display TFT true color 2.8inch@(16:9)
Interface USB for power only
Store data 100 standard samples, 10,000 samples
Operating temperature range 0~40C (32~104F)
Storage temperature range -20~50C (-4~122F)
PC software /
Standard accessories: power adapter, manual, wrist strap, lithium battery, 8mm platform measuring caliber
Optional accessories: micro printer, powder test box
Note The technical parameters are for reference only, and the actual products sold shall prevail


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