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VT13084 8PC Oil Funnel and Adapter Engine Oil Filler Set

VT13084 8PC Oil Funnel and Adapter Engine Oil Filler Set

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Product Feature:
.Allows for fast oil filling without spillage.

.Great for many late model vehicles with internal baffles.

.2 liter funnel fits adaptor for wide application range.

.Color-coded plastic adapters for oil filler hole.

.Special angle extension with swivel feature for hard to reach places.

.Kit includes:

1pc 2L topping-up funnel.

1pc angle extension bar.

1pc adaptor w/bayonet adapter for Audi,BMW, Dodge,Mercedes,Porsche,Volvo,VW.

1pc adapter w/bayonet adapter for Toyota and Lexus with 3.0L and 3.3L V6engines.

1pc M42X4.5 threaded adapter for Subaru.

1pc M37X3.0 threaded adapter for Toyota,Lexus,Scion, Pontiac.

1pc M35X4.0 threaded adapter for Mazda,Ford,Jaguar, Land Rover.

1pc M32x3.5 threaded adapter for Dodge,Honda,Acura,Nissan,Jaguar,Ford,Jepp, Land Rover, Mazda.

How To Use This Tool:
1ststep: Connect the angle extension bar to the funnel cup(Picture 1).
2ndstep: Choose the suitable adaptor according to the different car and fix into the car.
3rdstep: Connect the other end of the angle extension bar into the adaptor(Picture 2).

Using Pictures:

picture 1


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