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New Original BMW ICOM Next A diagnostic

New Original BMW ICOM Next A diagnostic

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The set includes:
- ICOM NEXT A multiplexer
- OBD II 16PIN cable
- LAN cable
The devices also work with the latest BMW vehicles and software in online mode
Works with ISTA D, ISTA +, INPA software
Supports all manufacturer's protocols: MOST, DCAN, K+CAN, K-Line
BMW iCOM NEXT A has the ability to adapt new controllers, automatic entry of engine, air conditioning, counter and other settings, automatic logging and programming of ABS / EDS / ASR and many other functions that are not possible with other non-original diagnostic heads.
Thanks to the BMW iCOM NEXT A head, it is possible to:
Reading Pending Trouble Codes (DTCs)
Reading Recorded Trouble Codes (DTCs)
Clearing Codes and Check Engine Lights (MIL)
Diagnosis of actuating elements such as dampers, valves, sensors
Dynamic checking of ignition, starting dose,
Engine Speed (RPM)
Fuel System Status
Fuel Pressure
Checking the condition of the engine based on the wear of individual cylinders - i.e
difference in fuel doses dosed by the computer to individual cylinders
the engine ran smoothly at idle.
Measurements of vehicle parameters - power and acceleration
And many, many more.
Part quality (according to GVO):
O - original BMW with the car manufacturer's logo (OE)
If you are not sure whether the selected part is factory dedicated to your vehicle, the selection of each vehicle part should be based on the BMW factory catalog and the vehicle's Vin number - this is not a necessary condition when making a purchase, but such a check gives almost 100% certainty of the correctness of the selection. purchased part.
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