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AUTOOL Original Upgraded SDT206 Car Smoke Leak Detector Pipe EVAP Vacuum Leakage Diagnostic Tool EVAP Pipe Leakage Analyzer 12V

AUTOOL Original Upgraded SDT206 Car Smoke Leak Detector Pipe EVAP Vacuum Leakage Diagnostic Tool EVAP Pipe Leakage Analyzer 12V

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2019 New Generation Autool SDT206 Car Truck Smoke Leak Detector Smoke Machines EVAP System Updated version of SDT-206


This product can be used with Baby oil or skin care glycerin or industrial glycerinthe selected smoke oil shall be pure non-aqueous liquid and in a fluid state. Do not use viscous smoke oil which can easily damage the equipment. Use a measuring bottle with pointed tip when adding smoke oil. If it is overfilled, open the oil outlet to drain an appropriate amount of smoke oil.

Tips for maintenance:

With longtime high temperature, the smoke and oil will oxidize and deteriorate. It will infect the service life of smoke generated part, so please change smoke and oil regularly.

1.Before filling new oil, please pour out the remaining oil in the detector.

2.When the smoke output has water drops, please replace with new oil.

3.Liquid paraffin and baby oil are OK to make smoke!

4.Please fill new oil with equipped oil bottle.


The New Generation AUTOOL SDT-206 Smoke Leak Detector is designed for pipeline leak detection in automotive air intake system, fuel system and cooling system.


It is suitable for all family cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, off-road vehicles, ATVs, light trucks and speedboats.

It is the great partner of car diagnose tool. It works with the car diagnose tool to accurately locate the physical fault of the car and quickly detect the hidden fault of the car engine.


1.SDT-206 is for all pipe systems include EVAP.

2.Please do leak detection away from smoke-sensitive parts.

3.Do not run the detector over 5 minutes. It needs interval rest.

4.The detector has protector. If it exceeds working limit, it will power off automatically. In this condition, please operate it later.

How to operate?

1.Open the engine cover, and hang the detector in the cover.

2.Disconnect the pipe that needs to be connected with detector. If the pipe needs to be disconnected in the middle. Please secure the other side with a rubber stopple.

3.Secure this side with proper taper stopple/pipe, and connect it with smoke output tube.

4.Connect detector with DC12V battery: red with positive, black with negative. Do not connect in a contrary way.

5.Turn on the power switch, and detector starts to work.

6.Adjust the flow gauge. Control the input smoke value and pressure to make sure the pipe system can afford the pressure.

7.In about 3 minutes, the pipe will be filled with smoke.

8.Observe the floating ball in flow gauge. If the floating ball stays still in the bottom, the pipe is sealed with. If the floating ball is arising or bouncing, the pipe is leaking.

9.Position the leak points by floating ball. If the bounce arises highly, the leakage is serious.


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