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New arrived R280 plus R280 +new version than R270 plus Support MC9S12XEP100 Chip

New arrived R280 plus R280 +new version than R270 plus Support MC9S12XEP100 Chip

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2018 CAS4 BDM R280 Plus support CAS,CAS4,EWS4,EZS MC9S12XEP100 Chip (5M48H/1N35H) CAS4 BDM

R280 Plus for B--M--W Mo--to---rola MC9S12XEP100 Chip (5M48H/1N35H)
R280 Plus Function introduction:
R280 Plus supports the latest B--M--W Mot--oro---la MC9S12XEP100 chip (5M48H/1N35H), this product is a powerful Mot--or--ola microcontroller dedicated programmer. Automatic search mileage address and display the mileage, the demolition of the chip, the number of kilometers of direct input, the data can be directly visible, can be arbitrarily edited. Arbitrary read and write /P-FLASH D-FLASH data, this product features a powerful, decryption security, becoming the automotive computer repair, data recovery, data transfer and other professional electronic maintenance engineer.
R280 Plus Support models:
R280 Plus is a powerful microcontroller dedicated B--M--W Mot--or---ola programmer support models are as follows:
BM- 1 series - F20, F21 chassis - 2016 years ago
B--MW X1 series - E84 chassis - 2016 years ago
BM--W 3 series - F30, F31 and F35 chassis - 2016 years ago
BM---W X3 series - F25 chassis - 2016 years ago
BM--W 5 series - F10, F11 and F18 chassis - 2016 years ago
B---MW X5 series - F15 chassis - 2016 years ago
B--W 6 series - DMEM/F12 F13 chassis - 2016 years ago
BM--W X6 series - F16 chassis - 2016 years ago
BM--W 7 series - F01, F02, F03, F04 chassis - 2016 years ago
BM---W GT series - F07 chassis - 2016 years ago
Support for BM---W CAS and CAS4 (0K50E/2K79X/0L01Y/0L15Y/1L15Y, etc.).
Support for BM----W EWS4 (2L86D).
Support EZS (1J35D/2J74Y/4J74Y/0L02M/1L02M/3K85K/3K91D/1L85D/1L59W/3L40K/4L40K, etc.).
Support for a variety of SRS computers (9H91F/0K13J/0K75F/0L85D/0J38M/1E62H/1K79X/5H55W, etc.).
Support M35080 series quick wipe, read and write (35080/35080-V6/35080-VP/080D0WQ/160D0WQ/35160, etc.).

Support FLASH 0K50E online write.

The latest generation of processor programmer.
Using the latest software and hardware, hardware security level is high.
Support for the upgrading of programming tools, to provide 24 hours of technical support, product 1 years warranty free upgrade.

Package including:

1pc x  R280 Puls

1pc x  12V/2.5A power

1pc x  Programming line

1pc x   Software CD

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