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AUTOOL CT180 Intelligent Upgrade Fuel Injector Tester Cleaning Machine Injector Ultrasonic Cleaner 4-Cylinders

AUTOOL CT180 Intelligent Upgrade Fuel Injector Tester Cleaning Machine Injector Ultrasonic Cleaner 4-Cylinders

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AUTOOL CT180 is an intelligent injector cleaning & testing equipment with intelligent control. The whole process can be operated by the touch screen or rotary knob to complete. Equipped with an ultrasonic cleaning tank, AUTOOL CT180 Fuel injector cleaner and Tester can generate an oscillating signal to the injectors to remove the stubborn carbon deposits from the injectors. It is possible to test injectors under different conditions, such as Sprayability test, Leakage test, Injecting flow test, etc. A comprehensive and powerful injector cleaner and tester machine most auto technicians always crave for.Support for more cars and motorcycles.Can only be used to clean diesel fuel injectors.The cleaning fluid is 3M car injector cleaning fluid, and the test fluid is industrial alcohol.Its working voltage range is 110-230V.

Support For 99% Cars & Motorcycles

Support for Audi,for Australia Ford,for Benz,for BMW,for Brilliance,for Chevrolet,for Chevy,for Chrysler,for Citroen,for Dacia,for Dadi,for Daewo,for Daihatsu,for Demo,for Fiat,for Ford,for GM,for Holden,for Honda,for Hyundai,for Isuzu,for Jaguar,for Kia,for Lancia,for Land Rover,for Mahindra,for Maruti,for Mazda,for Mitsubish,for Nissan,for Opel,for Peugeot,for Porsche,for Renault,for Romeo,for Rover,for Saab,for Seat,for Skoda,for Smart,for Subaru,for Suzuki,for Tata,for Toyota,for Volvo,for VW,for Yamaha.

Our product supports 99% of fuel injector cleaning and testing. But for diesel injectors, it can only support cleaning but not testing. If you are used to test GDI, please be sure to purchase additional CT60 pulse signal transmitter, so the test effect is the best.If you wanna us customize the injector connector for you, please send me a picture of the injector nozzle size.
you can buy testing fluids(industrial alcohol) and cleaning fluids in local market.Many choices of cleaning fluid,such as,

CT180 Car Fuel Injector Tester Cleaner Features:

1.[Intelligent Control Panel Design]: To deliver premium user experiences and make it more efficient to use, AUTOOL CT180 Fuel injector cleaner and Tester is designed with Touch Screen and Rotary Knob. With large 4.4-inch screen display, it is easy to observe various working parameters.

2.[Ultrasonic Cleaning Tech]: The AUTOOL CT180 intelligent injector cleaner and tester is equipped with a separate ultrasonic cleaning tank. The vibration signal generated by ultrasonic waves is applied to powerfully clean the surface and interior of the fuel injectors, so as to completely removing stubborn carbon buildup from the fuel injectors.

3.[Multiple Test Functions]: It can carry out Sprayability test, Leakage test, Injecting Flow test, Automatic test and many other testing functions. A variety of test parameters can be set to simulate injector testing under various operating conditions.

4.[Backlight Design & Level Gauge]:The glass tube can be observed through the level gauge during the test, so that the injector flow can be determined whether the flow is normal. At the same time, the backlight can assist in making the observation more carefully.

5.[Three Years Warranty, Lifetime Maintenance]: For damage caused by non-human factors, we promises to resend parts for free within 3 years. For any needs, you are warmly welcomed to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP within 24 hours.

CT180 Car Fuel Injector Tester Cleaner Specifications ::

Working conditions:
Temperature: -10~+40℃;
Relative humidity: <85%;
Intensity of outer magnetic field: <400A/m;
No flame within 2 meters.

Main unit power supply: AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz; or AC110V±10%, 50/60Hz.
Main unit power: 150W
Dimension of main unit: 27cm x 31 cm x 34cm
Ultrasonic cleaner power: 60W;
Fuel pressure:0-10bar
Simulated RPM range: 20~10000rpm;
Pulse width: 0.5~25ms; step 0.1 ms;
Uniformity/Sprayability test duration: 1~20min
Leakage test duration: 1~30min
Injecting flow test duration: 3~120s
Automatic drain: 60s
Pressure unit: Bar, Psi, Kpa, mmHg, Kg/cm2
Dimension: 305x310x340mm
Weight: 8.8kg (Varies according to configuration)

Main Function:

1.Ultrasonic cleaning;
2.Uniformity/Spray-ability test;
3. Leakage test;
4.Injecting flow test;
5.Automatic test;
6.On-vehicle cleaning;
7.Reverse flush.

Packing list:

1pc* AUTOOL CT180 Intelligent Fuel injector cleaner and Tester Main unit
1pc* Ultrasonic cleaning tank
1pc* Testing pad
1pc* Ultrasonic leaning stand
4pcs* Connector 1 (H19*25*10.5)
4pcs* Connector 2 (H19*25*13.5)
4pcs*Fine-tooth joint(H19*25*M12)
4pcs*Coarse joint(H19*25*G1/4-19)
3pcs*Plug (25*40*16.2)
4pcs*Reverse joint(25*40*16.2)
2pcs*Adjusting stud (M10*78)
2pcs*Compression screw(18*100*M10)
2pcs*Knurled nut(18*30*M10)
1pc* 4-oil separator(28*16*213)
1pc*Funnel (58*50*8.0)
1pc* Wrench for Oil draining(24*56*5)
20pcs* Sealing ring 7*2.65
4pcs*Seal ring 15.6*2.65
2pcs* power cables (EU US standard)
2pcs* Pulse signal lines

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