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AUTOOL AST609 Oil Changer Machine Brake Oil Extractor Pulsating Brake Oil Change Machine Brake Oil Exchanger Brake Fluid Changer

AUTOOL AST609 Oil Changer Machine Brake Oil Extractor Pulsating Brake Oil Change Machine Brake Oil Exchanger Brake Fluid Changer

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Operating Principle

Brake fluid is taken from its container by a pump operating at up to 3.0 bar pressure and is continuously pumped into the brake fluid reservoir. The individual wheel brake cylinders can then be drained of their used brake fluid until the new brake fluid comes through.You thus avoid the regular emptying and filling operations, in contrast to conventional systems and also avoid any resulting water absorption in the brake fluid. The pump used to fill the brake fluid reservoir is equipped with pressure monitoring Should it not be possible to build pressure or should the pump pull in air , the pump switches itself off automatically.


Step 1: Pour new brake fluid into the flling bottle
Step 2: Connect the suction hose and pressure balance hose to the filling bottle.
Step 3: Connect the filling hose to the brake fluid cylinder via the adapter.
Step 4: Connect the recovery bottle to the brake fluid sub-cylinder.
Step 5: Select standard mode or master mode. One-button start, then wait for the fluid exchange to be completed.


[Standard & Master Modes]: AUTOOL AST609 brake fluid exchanger is available in standard and master modes. Please select either mode before starting the fluid exchange. (Standard Mode Pressure:0-2.5 bar; Master Mode Pressure:0-3 bar)

[Two Ways of Power Supply]: AUTOOL AST609 brake fluid bleeder exchanger can both support 12V battery and 110V or 220V socket supply.

[Wide Application]: Equipped with 7 different types of adapters and toolboxes, suitable for various car models of Europe, America, Asia, etc.

[Three Years Warranty, Lifetime Maintenance]: For damage caused by non-human factors, we promises to resend parts for free within 3 years. For any needs, you are warmly welcomed to contact us and we will get back to you ASAP within 24 hours.


Brake fluids are toxic and can lead to serious injury

1、Avoid all contact with brake fluid.

2、Wear safety goggles to minimize the risk of injury from splashing.

3、Wear suitable , protective gloves to minimize the risk of injury caused by skin contact.

4、In case of skin contact with brake fluid , wash off immediately with water.

5、Remove contaminated clothing.

6、Do not carry any rags or anything else that has been in contact with brake fluid in you clothes.

7、Before any work is performed on the brake maintenance device , disconnect the power cord and plug.

8、Only plug the brake maintenance device in , when the device is turned off .

9、Do not make design changes to the brake maintenance device.

10、Before each use . make sure to check the brake maintenance device . its hoses . cables and connectors . If there is any damage , do not use the brake maintenance device . Repairs are to be carried out by a specialist . Never open the brake maintenance device.

11、The brake maintenance device must not be damp and should not be operated in a humid environment.

Packing list:

1* AUTOOL AST609 Pulsating Brake Fluid Exchanger Main Unit
1* Power cord
1*Adapters set
1* New fluid bottle
1* Old fluid bottle
2* Clips
1* Transformer
1* User manual

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